Ever wondered how Google Maps helps you find the shortest routes within seconds? You must have encountered follow suggestions on Facebook or Instagram, wanna know-how are these social media platform that smart? Well, get on board to find solutions to all these questions.

The concept that works behind all these processes is Graph. A Graph is nothing but a non-linear data structure arranged in the format of a network of vertices or nodes and edges. A node is what holds information and an edge is the one that connects the nodes with one another.

Diagram-1: Nodes and Edges

The applications of Graphs are vast…

Nearly 90 million of the population across the world is health-conscious and the number is ever-increasing. With such mass demand for healthy food, there is a need for the establishment of a new system that could bring a change to the world. Keeping this in mind I thought of a system that could solve the problems of health-concerned people. Moreover, statistical data states that health concerns are going to rise among people after Corona-crisis comes to an end, then this app might become even more useful. A large section of our population consists of health-conscious consumers and the population is…

Shivalika Singh

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